Welcome to Asterfone

We at Asterfone have a motto to constantly strive to serve as an extended arm of our clients in the field of telecommunication. Functioning under the guidance of our founder with over a decade experience in this domain and unique industry knowledge, we are committed to maximise your business efficiency.

Asterfone was formerly known as Tevatel. It has derived its christening for the following reason. ASTER: A plant of a large genus that includes the Michaelmas Daisy, typically having purple or pink rayed flowers. (Highest hierarchy in plants).

We work towards offering comprehensive solutions which will make life easier for the end user. Our associates have the expertise in developing customised and resource friendly solutions for organizations to creatively collaborate with their customers. Using industry-leading solutions, we focus on helping businesses migrate VoIP infrastructures to a single network.

We provide solution that will help organization interact with their clients efficiently and monitor their productivity. Asterfone integrates itself with many companies to create a telecom infrastructure that supports each client’s unique requirements.Asterfone also provides ASTERISK training.